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Why are WE #1 in Houston?

  1. Experienced with over 30 years between three team members who attend all inspections
  2. State-of-the-Art equipment, including professional grade Flir infra-red camera that we use at EVERY inspection and include photos in reports
  3. Quick turnaround time on reports, early as same day or by 10 next morning
  4. We appreciate client attendance and participation!  
  5. In-depth inspection of structural systems including the foundation
We perform:

Home Inspections(see this page for more information on who we are and what we do)  

Mold investigations and Testing (see mold page for procedure - with questions call Elissa at 713-248-6284)

Invasive Stucco Inspections (see stucco page for procedure)

Coming soon -  Realtor Services and NEW Home pages/information 

Home inspection prices depends upon location, age of home and square footage.  Please call Fernando 713-249-8581

Mold Testing prices below, are based on how many air conditioning units are in the home:

  • One a/c unit includes assessment and lab fees $550.00
  • Add $75.00 for each unit  over one or other test type with 72 hour turnaround
  • If mold testing is in conjunction with a home inspection or stucco inspection, it is 1/2 of price shown above  - call 713-248-6284 (Elissa)

Who we areA  family team of three licensed and certified inspectors with a total of over 44 years of experience ! (Fernando is experienced with 25+ years , Wendy with 21 years, and Elissa with 7 years. 

When it comes to knowledge and professionalism we go above and beyond for you, just read our reviews on Angies List to know we are #1 in Houston!  We encourage you to  be present at the inspection and follow along, asking questions,  as we thoroughly investigate the home. We want you to better understand the prospective purchase and the impact any negatives may have. 

What we doWe use a team approach to every inspection, with each member specializing in certain aspects, such as leak detection or structural deficiencies. We go over and above the minimum standards as set forth by TREC

Our resident ICC certified Building Code expert, Fernando, is ready to consult on code issues. 

We use our FLIR  Infra-camera at EVERY inspection (no extra charge) and our state of the art moisture sensing equipment, the Delmhorst BD2100.  We use a digital Zip level to measure every area of the home to give you a digital footprint - the first step in determining if the home has slab issues.  We evaluate your electrical system from the panel box down to each outlet and our moisture testing is the BEST you will find anywhere!   You will receive a top-to bottom inspection performed to the best of our ability - we promise!  Most roofs will be accessed if at all possible.  When not possible they will be viewed by use of binoculars and/or a 21' extendable remote camera or drone.

What we don't do: 

  • termites 
  • pools
  • Second and third story roofs may not be accessible, and if so, we will do our utmost to view it from all angles using binoculars.
  • We do not perform Spanish tile roof, however, we do carefully inspect the support structure.

How to pay us:  we accept checks, cash or credit cards (use Paypal to process any credit card without being a member of Paypal by using the "Buy Now" button on the right.

Call Us: 713-249-8581 Fernando   713-248-6284  Elissa
Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.  If emailing us please give us the address or a link to the listing so we can Google it for exact specs and directions.  If new, please include the most recent map or address of an existing building for coordinates.


  • Licensed  by TREC to inspect homes, buildings and structures for proper building techniques and compliance to codes. Fernando is a code inspector.
  • Angies List Super Service award winners 10 years in a row!
  • BBB members with no complaints and an A+ rating!
  • Licensed  by Texas Department of State Health Services to perform mold investigations and allergy inspections and perform indoor air quality testing, write Protocol for Remediation and issue Clearance certificates.   
  • Certified by Exterior Design Institute to perform stucco cladding inspections 
  • Certified to utilize Infra-red technology  (we own a FLIR-B200  camera)
  • Insured for liability and errors and omissions
  • We are a  Mold Assessment Company, licensed by Texas Department of State Health Services,
  • A stucco inspection service, licensed by the  Texas Real Este Commission, Texas Department of State Health Services and certified by the  Exterior Design Institute, which  includes overseeing projects in which stucco is removed and reinstalled, can provide certification
 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

and check us out on the Houston BBB where we are rated A+

     waiver of liability  

Agreement  to Inspect
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wendy and fernando

Fernando Martinez~President of PHI
MAC #1002/TREC 2945

Wendy Matson (Martinez) MAC 1176 TREC 3666

Agente Bilingue',  Fernando is fully bilingual in both English and SpanishWe are fully insured, bonded and have workman's comp and can prove it!  Just ask.

Elissa Martinez MAC 1176/TREC 10940   



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 New feature:  weekly photos of the

Good, bad and ugly  


November and December 2014 - we've been seeing quite a few builder boo-boos that require the tearing off of stone and brick at rooflines due to lack proper support, as per the International Residential Code, which requires three 2" x 6" AND a metal lintel.


Without this suppor the heavy load sits directly on the roof and within a year or so, cracks begin to show due to stress.


The builder's man had to remove the top stone area and rebuild it with a metal angle iron, called a linte - and FERNANDO found that!


lintel missing

a DARLING home



Amir Matini, Posh Construction



His attendance at the inspecton at the company's newly built  home in Spring Valley proved to be invaluable!  We found him to be a conciencious builder who put out one of the best products we have seen this past  year!














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