Since we can perform many different types of inspections - mold, stucco code and TREC home inspections - we can combine them to minimize your expense.  Please write or call for fees.   We need the following info:

  • square footage of the home and how many a/c units (if known)

  • For stucco - how many sides are stucco, how many balconies

  • Location

  • Option period deadline or best time to inspect

We often perform "combination" type inspections for our clients, however, some limitations do exist:

1.  New home builders do not "normally" allow invasive stucco inspections.  We can perform as a baseline  for the future (this is wise), but YOU must obtain permission via our Stucco Waiver form.

2.  We do perform invasive inspections for your one year warranty walk-through builder inspections, for which we only need your permission.  This does have an extra charge if it is combined with a normal TREC inspection.  

3.  We always look for signs of mold or conditions for mold during every inspection, no extra cost.  However, if we do see signs that point to a mold problem, we can test, which is where there is an extra cost.

4.  Stucco inspections where we have to drill or probe in addition to a regular home inspection can be performed, however, we must have a homeowner sign our waiver of liability document.

5.  We may drill or probe using our Delmhorst BD2100 for a regular home inspection in order to determine if wall studs are compromised by wood destroying insects, usually this is no extra cost.

6.  Infra-red technology (our Flir thermal camera) used on site whenever we deem it appropriate and necessary at no extra charge.

For all inspections, we require a contract entitled Agreement to Inspect, signed by you.