We often perform "combination" type inspections, however, some limitations do exist:

1.  New home builders do not "normally" allow invasive stucco inspections.  We can perform as a baseline  for the future (this is wise), but YOU must obtain permission via our Stucco Waiver form.

2.  We do perform invasive inspections for your one year warranty walk-through builder inspections, for which we only need your permission.  This does have an extra charge if it is combined with a normal TREC inspection.  Call for a quote.

3.  We always look for signs of mold or conditions for mold during every inspection, no extra cost.  However, if we do see signs that point to a mold problem, we can test, which is a extra cost.

4.  Stucco inspections where we have to drill or probe in addition to a regular home inspection can be performed for a small extra cost. Call for a quote.

5.  We may drill or probe using our Delmhorst BD2100 for a regular home inspection in order to determine if wall studs are compromised by wood destroying insects, usually this is no extra cost.

6.  Infra-red technology (our Flir thermal camera) used on site whenever we deem it appropriate and necessary at no extra charage.

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TREC Lic 2945 and 3666

TDLR Lic ACO1094 (company lic)

TDLR Lic Fernando  MAC 1002

TDLR Lic Wendy  MAC 1136

TDLR Lic Elissa MAC 1137

We serve most cities in S.E. Texas, such as Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Richmond, Pearland, Galveston, League City, Webster, Baytown, Kingswood, Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress and even Austin!

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