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     Some of the most important ones:

  • slab - movement/ cracks 

  • roof - age, damage and leaks (we walk the roof where possible)

  • a/c - cooling  properly?  Age /  Installation

  • plumbing  - leaks

  • mold - from leaks or high grade

  • walls - brick cracks?  stucco leaking?  

  • electric box and circuits- hazardous conditions?  installation correct?

  • appliances - working?

  • sprinkler system

  • grade - good runoff or water running into house

Top 10 reasons to call us -

1.  Most experienced and knowledgeable inspectors in Houston


2.  Two experienced licensed inspectors at every inspection - twice as good and twice as fast as one inspector

3.  Reasonable prices.  Cost based on square footage and age of home

4.  We want you to be there so you can learn about our findings - ask questions!

5.  Quick turn around report - same day if needed!

Want to  read an authentic report ?  click here     sample report 


 Both LICENSED and CERTIFIED - to provide many different types of home inspections - condos, townhomes, one story or multi-story homes.  Whether it is stucco covered, natural/cultured stone, brick or cement board-sided - we have the knowledge and can put it to use for you!


We inspect a home from top to bottom, looking for irregularities - signs of moisture, improper building practices  (Fernando is ICC code certified) , unsatisfactory/dangerous electrical wiring,  roof problems, foundation issues -  and much, much more - above and beyond the minimum requirements set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission (License numbers TREC 2495 & 3666). 


...and MORE

As Mold Consultants, licensed by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (License numbers TDLR 1002 & 1136), we keep an eye out for mold or potential wetness problems that result in mold.  If we find visible mold, we always talk to you about it is and decide together if it worth testing in a purchasing situation.  (Actual cost of mold testing is additional due to lab fees.)

REPORTS - option period sensitive - we can do same day reports upon request!

Our interest in your home purchase does not end when the inspection is over.  After producing an in-depth report with tons of photos and explanations of the problems and photos, we continue to offer support - to clarify to you, your realtor, the builder, and the homeowner.  One thing we don't do is have pages and pages of filler data - only the items specific to THIS home will have photos/ illustrations/ diagrams to help anyone who reads the report to understand the significance.

Costs:  this is dependent upon the size of the home and age. For a quote, call 713-249-8581

Cost:   for mold at time of inspection will be considered for a discount since we look for mold, an independent "assessment" is not required - just the test, lab and overnight fees are required.

 CONSULTING included in home inspection always (Clearance testing and Protocol for Remediation extra cost) Certificate for Mold Remediation included.




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Special knowledge


and Specialty Tools

An Engineer's level is used to measure foundations (and many other uses):

FLIR Infra-red camera - professional grade - most inspectors own one, but how many are CERTIFIED by the company to understand and use it - included at no extra cost at EVERY Inspection.  So what is this


FLIR Infra-red camera - When we find a spot such as the one in the photo above using our Infra-red camera, it is not enough for us to call it "moisture" - we also test it with a BD2100 moisture detector so we can be sure (a spot like this could also be air loss, for example) Read the inspection report below, or at least the  portion on page 8, that shows what a little spot on the ceiling initiates during an inspection means

Many homes have a combination of exterior facades - brick with stone/brick with stucco, etc. 


What is all the fuss about stucco (and cast stone)?

Because of an improper installation, rainwater can get behind the walls.  (FYI cast stone is applied on top of the scratch coat, similar to stucco installation.)


The trouble is almost always the penetration installation - windows/doors/flashings/ columns/parapet walls -that let water get in behind the moisture barriers.  Not so much with cracks, which are for the most part unsightly.

For resale homes, we can and will perform an invasive test on the stucco.  For this you need a moisture waiver signed by the owner.

For new homes:

  • New home builders usually do not allow invasive testing)

  • New homes have not been finished long enough to show much damage

  • We also need a moisture waiver

  • Unless we have permission (moisture waiver) to perform invasive testing, we can only do a "visual" - whether the home has code and manufacturer approved installations.  It would be up to the builder to follow our guidelines. 


For new homes, at the year-warranty inspection, when the house is yours - we can then perform an invasive test - the results can be used as a baseline or, if problems are found, will be put on the builder's TO-DO list.


 Real stone and brick normally do not have any problems when combined on the outside of a home, except:

  • At the front door entry, low or flat arches with brick or stone with or without a keystone often have problems cracking and potentially even falling off in the future.

  • Not enough brick ties were installed near the tops of wall, resulting in "moving walls".

Mold and Your Home Inspection

What if we find mold when the  home is inspected...maybe your kids are sensitive to mold. What about a house we where there is a moisture smell or visible mold growth?

During a home inspection we often find mold growth.  We are not alarmists, but as licensed mold consultants, we understand that it is not something to be taken lightly. 


We will walk you through all the ramifications of the problem and honestly discuss whether or not testing  is needed.  They it is up to you to decide. 


The cost of mold testing is reasonably priced -a good value with excellent turn-around time.  If you want us to test at the time of the home inspection, it is likely the cost can be reduced, this to be decided on at time of inspection.

Stage Inspections


Phase Inspections 

Congratulations!! You're going to build a new home and you want it done right... we can help.

From the slab to the end, we can perform "stage" inspections, normally broken down into three types:

1.  Foundation

2.  Framing

3.  Final

For the Foundation, timing is essential.  We must inspect just prior to the pour.  Your builder will have to provide a copy of the plans so we can re-measure to make sure it is done right.

2.  The framing inspection is performed after the electrical and plumbing has been installed, but before the insulation is installed.  Again, timing is everything.  We will need to be in the conversation loop to make sure we can get there at the right moment.

3.  The final inspection is really a "new home" inspection.  We look at the house with "new eyes" to make sure nothing was missed.

The cost for this type of inspection depends upon the square footage of the home.

We have a charge for returning to make sure the instructions on our report were followed.

CAVEAT - if the exterior of the house is going to be stucco or cast stone, you will need more than just three inspections - a  minimum of 8 is needed. In this case, please TEXT Elissa to discuss at 713-248-6284 (she will return your call)

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