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Your immune system cannot hold off a virus like Covid 19  if you are living in a moldy home!  TESTING is the only way to know for sure! 

Seems simple -  mold needs moisture and a food source to grow.  But mold is anything but simple - to find it or to get rid of it.

We will find our if there is elevated  mold in the living space air of your home, which could affect your health.    We do this by testing the air.  We also perform an assessment - an inspection - of your home to look for any and all sources of water penetration, humidity, or leaks using our state-of-the art professional tools.

MOLD ASSESSMENT - base cost is dependent on size of home (how many a/c units)


Mold is not always visible and the cause not obvious but it must be found in order to get rid of it  - we can do that for you! View the Mold Assessment Report here to see the lengths we go to for our customers below:




Sometimes, removing mold from a large area (25 sq. ft. or more) requires a "Protocol for Remediation", which is specific to your home and has instructions on how to safely rid the home of mold - this is called Mold Remediation.  This is performed by a licensed individual or company - not us.   An actual Protocol for  Remediation report can be viewed here.

WE are licensed to issue a "Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation" should the mold have been remediated and the tests come back from the lab as good or better than the outside air control.  This is of particular usefulness for resale of a flooded property.  BEWARE that during catastrophe flooding, many non-licensed and "certified" out-of-state contractors want to sell mold testing but can't give you this document.

HOW TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE MOLD - We test the air quality, which is normally performed at the air return, using the power of your air conditioning system to pull air from the entire zone, floor, or room to the return.  At the same time our professional grade impaction cassette,  mounted on a Zefon intake machine, pulls a small amount of the air rushing past it and captures it inside the cassette for the lab to examine.  We do not normally perform swab or petri dish testing as this almost always ensures mold and does not show if it is sporing into the living space air - this  type of testing will not tell how much mold is in the air you breathe, and therefore, we use swabbing, petri or Anderson plate testing only in specific situations.

Sometimes we may suspect in-wall or under-cabinet mold growth, and for this we use the air compaction cassette and it is also sent to our laboratory for diagnosis.

We can provide next day service for our independent laboratory analysis.  When the lab report arrives to our in-box, we will send it on to you with a report on our findings from the assessment we have performed.