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A column on a top floor open porch (left, below), deteriorated lower wall of a stucco and stone home (center) or an entire front of a stucco home (below, right) are all being repaired because simple, but necessary, flashings were not installed when the houses were built!

Disasters happening in Houston NOW! POOR BUILDING PRACTICES. Many builders and most crews don't have the basics down to know right from wrong. Don't let it happen to you or your home - hire a knowledgeable inspector!

The movie below shows Fernando of Preferred Home Inspections performing a crawl space inspection to determine why the wood floors in this year old home are developing "soft spots" - a MUST WATCH!

Stucco - oh no!!!! Water penetration, whether it is from an uncapped parapet balcony wall (below left), a 24" beam holding a balcony (center) or deterioration of stucco across the entire rear due to leaking scupper (gutter), will cost A LOT of money to repair. A stucco inspection is a MUST!

Save your self heartbreak AND money - call us for an inspection before you buy a home.

Fernando 713-249-8581

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