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Certified stucco inspections - Why does stucco fail? And will it fail again?

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

We are one of the only companies that has a specialized inspector for stucco re-installations. It is not simply enough to hire a contractor to pull off the stucco, repair damage and then reinstall the stucco.

The contractor is likely to re-install the stucco in exactly the same manner how it was originally built (and consequently failed).

Our inspector, Elissa Martinez, is experienced in documentation of stucco removal (especially useful or necessary if the home could become a legal matter.

Even more important, is she is experienced in how the home should be re-built PROPERLY and with prevention of water penetration foremost. She can take the burden off of you from the beginning to the end of a repair job, even so far as procuring code inspections, dealing with contractors and attorneys. Shes has expert witness experience.

WHY STUCCO FAILS We have found several reasons stucco is leaky and easiy destroyed (not in any order):

1. Contractors who apply the stucco to the walls are not well trained in water prevention methods, such as the use of backer rods. Contractors who do not change their methods of product installation - they continue to install products even when proven they are problematic.

2. Builders do not know much about stucco and seldom see the devastating results of poorly installed stucco, unless taken to court (and then they want to blame the contractor). If they knew, they would hire specialized quality third party inspectors - like Elissa.

3 Architects who do not understand the propensity of stucco to absorb water into the underlying products and therefore do not design the structure with critical water penetration points in mind (such as emedded facia/soffit).

4. Homebuyers and realtors who have not heard that most stucco installations have deterioration at some area of the home, and must insist on a good invasive inspection. A visual inspection does not tell the whole story!

Stucco can be a good product - not a leaky product IF it has been installed and maintained properly.

Elissa can be reached at 713-248-6284

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